Indigo Cloth emerged in South Africa after 1652 and since the 1840's shoeshoe or isishweshwe became heavily influenced by French and German missionaries. Xhosa women gradually added the Blue Print to their red Blanket Clothing and further integrated the use of Shweshwe into traditional Xhosa weddings and culture.

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The Three Cats range

The Three Cats range is sourced from a closed library of designs with a small injection of new designs to keep the range interesting and up-to-date.

The typical use of the fabric is for traditional ceremonies in the rural areas. In certain cases special designs are produced for important occasions such as royal birthdays and national festivals.

Today, the fabric has become fashionable beyond its traditional sphere of usage, and praise must go to young South African designers for their renewed interest in this traditional heritage.

Fashion Trends in Original Three Cats Shweshwe Prints