About Da Gama

Da Gama Textiles is one of South Africa’s oldest and leading textile producers, covering a wide range of textile requirements for both the local and export markets.

Da Gama

Good Hope Textile Corporation (Pty) Ltd t/a “DA GAMA TEXTILES” is one of South Africa’s oldest and largest vertically integrated textile producers. Founded in 1948 the company has more than 65 years’ experience in the weaving of cotton and the dying, printing and finishing of fabrics where we are constantly striving to be innovative in our product offering – specifically within our Home Sewing division.

Our core divisions are Home Sewing, Furnishing and Workwear/Government tenders.

The cornerstones of our business are the niche branded products we produce, including internationally recognised brand name such as Three Cats Original Shweshwe in addition to special finish Workwear fabrics.

Our Company has embraced the objectives of broad based economic empowerment, and as such, implemented a broad based company ownership scheme a few years ago, the effect of which was to transfer 60% of the ownership of the company indirectly to employees of the company.

We are especially committed to our wholesalers, retailers and workwear garment manufacturers and do not sell directly to retail consumers.

Our Divisions

Da Gama’s home sewing division is a major supplier to South African retailers and wholesalers, and provides a link to home sewers in the informal sector.

The hallmark of the division is its niche market branded merchandise that has become synonymous with quality. Consumers trust these brands and demand them rather than cheap imitations and Da Gama is the only textile company in South Africa that makes The Original Shweshwe.

Some of the recognised brands include the plain dyed Fasco, Edenrose and Firstline, as well as the ethnic printed 3 CATS which are acid discharge prints on cotton calico.


The company’s shweshwe ranges have the unique traditional characteristics of taste, touch and smell which are all identifiable by the authenticating 3 CATS backstamp that confirms the products are ‘THE ORIGINAL SHWESHWE’. The fabric can easily be identified for its intricate all over prints and beautiful panels.

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There are some (primarily Chinese) manufacturers who do try to copy shweshwe but have not been successful in duplicating the starchy feel of the original shweshwe to which customers remain loyal. In addition to the texture of the fabric, original shweshwe is also narrower than the copies. It is 90cm as opposed to 150cm. Its colours are more vibrant and jewel-like and the white markings more distinct than in the fakes because of the inimitable discharge printing method used by Da Gama. Also, ‘THE ORIGINAL SHWESHWE’  is 100 percent cotton , while the copies are usually polycottons.

Other Printed ranges produced in this division include The Placemat Collection, Coral Tree Quilting ranges and Apparel Collections in both 115cm and 150cm fabrics.

Da Gama household division are a supplier of quality Poly/Cotton Napery fabrics for the hospitality industry.

While we offer a range of pre-shrunk Cotton/Linen & 100% Cotton fabrics suitable as print bases or as in the Upholstery, Curtaining and Scatter Cushion market. Our in-house design and CAD facilities cater for the design and Rotary printing of bespoke designs up to 250cm in width.

Da Gama Work Wear division are especially committed to the Protective Clothing and Garment Manufacturers who utilize SABS approved fabrics to supply The Mining Industry, Parastatals, Provincial and Municipal Contracts, Independents and Wholesale Distributors. We are fully compliant with the Local Procurement Legislation Act, and many of our fabrics are branded accordingly.

Da Gama’s Contracts Division focus on various State Fabric Tenders, including:

  • South African National Defence Force
  • South African Police Services
  • Correctional Services
  • Private and Government Hospitals