Creative things you can do with Shweshwe

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March 27, 2018
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April 10, 2018
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Creative things you can do with Shweshwe

Shweshwe design is so broad due to Shweshwe being such a versatile fabric, which is probably why it is so popular!

While it was once only printed in blue on white, now the colours have exploded and so have the designs. The print can even be politicized, with people wearing their shweshwe “colors” with pride.

And what used to be just for dresses – and very understated ones at that – is now finding its way into an ever-widening circle of products. The motto today is: If you want it colourful, do it in shweshwe.

So now, if you’re looking for some shweshwe design inspiration, here are a few of the many out there to choose from:


Comfortable slip-on shoes you can wear during the day

Source: Pinterest Shweshwe for Wearing


Decorative Neckwear to add some colour to your outfit

Source: Nomi Handmade


Men’s Ties to brighten your day at work

Source: Clari Design


Beds for your furry friends

Source: Pinterest


Wildebeest pot holder for your small plants

Source: Pinterest


Cook in it with a Shweshwe Wonderbag

Source: Wonderbag


Style your outfits with Shweshwe caps and hats

Source: Griot Space

Source: Pelohart


Cute toys your kids will love!

Source: Pinterest


Shweshwe carry bags for a variety of uses

Source: Shweshwe Creations Facebook page


Source: Muhle Africa


Scatter cushions to jazz up your living room

Source: Oh! Mama Twitter page


Catwalk-ready dresses

Source: Pinterest, Bevin Davids


Source: SAPeople

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