South African entrepreneur celebrating local textiles

South African entrepreneur celebrating local textiles

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South African entrepreneur celebrating local textiles

South African entrepreneur and designer, Shingai Nyagweta, founder of KuNa Kids, has built a niche children’s clothing company that embraces the uniquely local shweshwe fabrics but incorporated into funky and practical designs.

“We make children’s clothing that is bright and bold with an African twist,” says Nyagweta.

Inspired by her want to make children’s clothing and the vibrancy and energy that local shweshwe fabrics give, Nyagweta started her own company. Her items are of brilliant quality and locally made with only a small quantity of each range, so the children are wearing beautifully made clothes that support our local women, while not all looking the same!



Her entrepreneurial journey

“I come from a diplomatic background. My parents were Diplomats and I was lucky enough to live in Paris during my younger years.  I started my little company a few years ago. I cut my teeth working for both Foschini and Marianne Fassler, and decided that I wanted to go into business for myself.  In 2014 I was invited to join the Branson Centre for their Entrepreneurial Course. I have been lucky enough to meet Sir Richard Branson twice, and twice he has bought some of my range for his grandchildren.



When asked what the most satisfying this about being an entrepreneur is,  Nyagweta says “Seeing the smiles on the children’s faces when they walk into my store and see the clothes. That. Every time!”

Her biggest piece of advice to other women looking to start-up is “(to) keep at it. Stay on your toes, and if it isn’t working in one direction, then look into doing it slightly differently”.



Source: Lionesses of Africa

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