Sew a shweshwe soft toy your kids will love

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June 25, 2018
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July 9, 2018
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Sew a shweshwe soft toy your kids will love

We’ve found this wonderful whale pattern to help you sew a perfect soft toy for your kids! Just follow the steps below to DIY-ing a whale toy your kids will love.

  1. Enlarge the pattern by 300% and print.
  2. Cut out all of the pieces. Cut notches where the lines on the patterns are (you’ll need them later). Note that the darts are off-centered on the mouth oval. The “smaller” side matches up with both the upper and lower mouth portion. Feel free to cut the pattern piece out as drawn or to cut it so the originally placed darts are centered.
  3. Fins – Pin your fins right-sides together and sew around them, leaving the “top” open (use a 5mm seam allowance). Cut notches in the curve or use pinking shears to make sure your whale is curvaceous. Press your seams. Stuff the fins to your liking, leaving enough space at the top to sew it inside the whale. You can stitch the top closed to make it easier to sew inside.
  4. Pin the sides of the whale together (right sides together) and sew from the V-part of the tail to the nose. Make sure you secure your stitching.
  5. Match up the mouth piece to the belly using the notches you made in step 2. With the right-sides together, pin the curvy part to the notches and sew from notch to notch around the lip of the whale.
  6. Pin all the pieces together, right-sides together. If you’re putting in safety eyes, do that before you pinning. Make sure your fins are going the right way (pointing back toward the tail) and if you used different colors for the belly and the back make sure they match up. Start the fins at the fin notches on the whale body. Sew the bottom of the mouth to the belly, and the top to the sides.
  7. Cut notches, wedges, use pinking shears, etc. for the tail and Y-seams. Press the seams.
  8. Turn right-side out, and make sure there are no holes in the seams. Redo as necessary. Then, start stuffing the full whale.
  9. Stitch up the hole, add the eyes and you’re done!


Let us know if you’ve used this pattern and tag us in your photos!


Souce: Victoria Jean

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