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Da Gama Textiles: South Africa’s oldest & largest vertically integrated textile manufacturer

For almost 80 years, Da Gama has been at the forefront of textile manufacturing in South Africa. Our range of authentic shweshwe is instantly recognisable, loved by locals and international fashionistas like.

But beyond our classic range of traditionally-inspired fabrics, we have spent the past few decades expanding our capabilities to include workwear, medical and technical fabrics, showcasing our ability to deliver high-quality textiles imbued with specific qualities as requested by our valued customers.

Quality & quantity: Our production capabilities

In recent years, we have expanded our production capacity, and are able to produce large volumes of fabric throughout our plant.

The journey of creating high-quality fabrics begins with the yarn. We are committed to supporting local businesses, and source the majority of our yarn from local spinners for a sustainable value chain that uplifts our nation’s economy.

The process begins at our vertical mill in Zwelitsha. First, the fabric is warped, sized and woven, before undergoing a grading process. Our fabric colours are achieved through bleaching and dyeing, and any required performance properties are imbued in the finishing phase. Thereafter, the fabric is printed with any designs required.

Finally, the products go through a thorough testing and inspection process, before being packaged and distributed across the continent.

The choice is yours: Our wide range of custom properties & fabrics

Due to our impressive capabilities, we are able to deliver premium custom-made solutions for all our

customers. Working with our customers, we can provide the following:

  • Finished fabrics of widths from 90cm to 200cm
  • Cotton, polyester/cotton or special blends
  • Matt, plain, twill, ripstop or fancy weave designs
  •  Vat or reactive dyeing processes
  •  Pre-shrunk, raised or calendered mechanical finishes
  •  Chemical finishing options from water repellence and antimicrobial treatments to insect
    repellence and more 
  • Various printing designs and colours
  • Various packaging, branding and identification options

If you’re looking for high-quality, locally-produced fabrics with customisable features and properties, get in touch with us today. You can also find our traditional, home and sewing fabrics at Da Gama Fabrics stores nationwide.