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With Da Gama’s medical fabrics, you can rest assured that every quality assurance process has taken place to ensure accredited, functional and premium performance. Our facilities are internationally and locally-accredited, giving you and your customers peace of mind and complete trust in the end-use products.

As a well-established fabric manufacturer, we have the capacity, equipment and knowledge required to deliver medical fabrics in a range of weights, designs and finishes, with excellent value for money. And as our fabrics are locally-produced from majority local materials, you’ll have the edge you need to promote your end-use products to your own customer base.

Historically, cotton and polyester/cotton blend fabrics have been used in medical settings to manufacture everything from uniforms and curtains to sheeting, linen and upholstery.

Cotton-rich sheeting is in high demand from both public and private hospitals, as well as clinics and healthcare facilities to ensure patient comfort and laundering durability. We are able to print logos and watermarks on our medical fabrics, and provide white or dyed colours, and raised or flat handle. To add additional value, we are able to include an antimicrobial finish which targets bacteria as it comes into contact with the fabric. We are also able to combine this antimicrobial treatment with a water repellent chemical.

Medical Product Offering & Wash Care Guidelines

Our sheeting range comes in various widths to cater to standard bed sizes and a range of different weave designs for aesthetic appeal.


Plain weave
50/50% polyester/cotton
SANS1401-4 Type 60
Twill weave
100% cotton
SANS1401-2 Type 27T
Plain weave
100% cotton
SANS1401-3 P48
Pointed twill
100% cotton
SANS1401-10 Type 65T
Fancy weave
100% cotton
SANS1401-8 Type 24
Twill weave
100% cotton
SANS1387-5 Type F56

Curtaining & drapes

Twill weave
65/35% Polyester/cotton
Matt weave
50/50% Polyester/cotton

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