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Our workwear fabrics are designed and manufactured to provide specific comfort and protective qualities, depending on the needs of our customers. From flame retardant and acid resistant fabrics to lightweight general application workwear fabrics, this category covers a wide range of functional applications.

Our workwear fabrics are high-quality and competitively priced, so our customers can trust that each order they receive will deliver consistent performance that they can rely on. Fabric quality is ensured not only by our accreditations, but through external testing and product inspections that assure conformity to the required specifications.

Our workwear fabrics carry our unique backstamps, providing visual confirmation of our brand and quality mark.

Various uniform fabrics also fall within our workwear category. We are able to manufacture both 100% cotton and Poly/cotton blend uniform fabrics in ripstop, matt, plain and twill weave designs. A part of our proud heritage has been to supply the SANDF with the camouflage uniform fabric they have worn as garments for decades. With our printing capabilities, we can design unique camouflage patterns and meet NIR requirements.

We have the manufacturing capabilities to offer the workwear and uniform fabrics you need, as well as a strong history of delivering high-quality, high-performance fabrics into a range of industries.

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Our workwear offering

All of our workwear fabrics start with the sourcing and testing of the highest quality cotton and polyester/cotton blend yarns. We work closely with local yarn manufacturers to lend support to our workwear value chain and ensure sustainability for each business involved.

Our workwear fabric range includes the following technical textiles:

CS59 - D59
Satin weave
100% cotton
SANS1387-4 Type D59
CJ54 - J54
Twill weave
100% cotton
SANS1387-4 Type J54
TCJ74 - PC74
Twill weave
65/35% polyester/cotton
SANS1387-2 Type PC74
Twill weave
65/35% polyester/cotton
Matt weave
50/50% polyester/cotton
50/50 Field dress
Matt weave
50/50% polyester/cotton
50/50 Field dress
Plain weave
65/35% polyester/cotton
SANS1387-7 Type P71

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