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Rhino Shweshwe dolls

Meet the team that is raising funds for rhinos with beautiful shweshwe dolls

Rhinos in South Africa are an endangered species, hunted for their horns which are highly prized by various cultures in China and beyond. One of the non-profit organisations that is supporting these gentle giants, the aptly named Raising Rhino Rands, has a unique way of raising funds – beautifully crafted shweshwe rhino dolls.

Raising Rhino Rands raises funds for various rhino orphanages, veterinary organisations and sanctuaries across South Africa, helping them cover food costs, vet bills, and the general day-to-day costs of rescuing, helping, protecting and rehabilitating the rhinos who have been left orphaned thanks to poaching or other causes.

Available in 3 different sizes – Small Baby, Medium Mamma and Large Daddy – each rhino doll is carefully hand-crafted from high-quality shweshwe, bringing a South African flavour and ensuring that each doll is unique. When ‘adopting’ one (or more) of these rhinos, a percentage of your purchase goes to an organisation of your choice, allowing you to choose where your money goes.

Not only is Raising Rhino Rands supporting rhinos, the organisation is actively upskilling and creating jobs in the communities around them. Their Raising Rhino People project sees the team train, educate and employ local women in various communities, creating an opportunity for rural women to make and sell the dolls, raising awareness, and become self-sufficient.

They also embark on education programmes in partnership with Project Rhino and Rhino Art, engaging with young rural children to teach them the importance of protecting our wildlife. These kids get educational literature, a small rhino toy and practical outings to bolster their understanding.

Find out more about this special initiative and adopt your very own rhino today at www.raisingrhinorands.co.za.