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Shweshwe dolls

Shweshwe Poppis: Little dolls, big hearts

Inspired by the drawings of young kids from Soweto, Shweshwe Poppis are made by hand using shweshwe by fashion designer Wandile Solombela. Each Poppi is based on the drawing of one of the children, and comes with a label that tells us about them – their favourite food, the games they like to play, and more.

This heart-warming project isn’t just for fun. All profits netted from the sale of the dolls go straight back into the community, supplementing a feeding scheme that provides nutrition to the very children who create the drawings that inspire the dolls.

Each doll is completely unique, stemming as it does from the fertile imagination of children. They take their names from the shweshwe fabric they are made from, a firm South African favourite since it first hit SA shores in the mid-1600s. The authentic shweshwe, combined with the spirit of the children who inspired the dolls, makes this project a proudly-South African initiative that benefits those who need it most.

Get your very own Shweshwe Poppi, or a stylish reversible shweshwe cushion cover, and support the cause by visiting their Facebook page or by getting in touch with them directly on 063 533 3676 or shweshwepoppis@gmail.com.