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Shweshwe the perfect fit for every occasion

An iconic collection of patterns that have wowed high fashion audiences across the globe, shweshwe is a proudly traditional South African product. Women and men in almost every Southern African country have used this fabric style for over a century and it has once again hit the international stage and become a popular choice for formalwear and everyday clothing thanks to its versatility.

That versatility is at the heart of what makes shweshwe so enduringly popular in South Africa. It can be sewn and adorned to compliment any complexion and body type and is especially flattering to men and women with curvy bodies. The variety of colours and patterns make it suitable for both casual and formal occasions. 

Shweshwe dresses pair well with any footwear, from casual sandals to heeled boots and wedding shoes in complementary colours. They can be dressed up with frills and laces, bows and ribbons and other stylish adornments. 

The striking colours and patterns make shweshwe ideal for Makoti: transforming even the simplest designs into elegant masterpieces for bridesmaids, and the fabric’s range of complementary colours are perfect for glamorous traditional bridal couple outfits. 

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